Christina Delaney

a punctual artist

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Born 1990, I always felt the urge to express myself. At 15 years of age, I decided to actually study business school in order for me to understand customers and, most importantly, numbers and discipline. In year 2011, I co-worked on one of the biggest Czech music hits which ignited the start of my career. I focused on music and writing songs, hand in hand with videos for which I wrote, directed and even did the post-production. Around the same time, I started writing and producing for FAMU - the film school of Miloš Forman, and I absolutely loved it! The attention to details, the colors of telling a story, as well as working with actors began to be my passion. But I also found myself in stills, creating a new world of magic, surrealism and symbols.

On top of that, I for the next 5 years focused on writing my first ever book. My point is; today I am ready to be utilized as a whole package! I am a strong persona who do not accept anything less than perfection. My role models are Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Salvador Dalí and in fact anyone who loves a good challenges.

I am a kind - yet strict - person. I get the job done.
Give me a chance to prove you exactly that.

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Jdu dál - Official Music Video

After a massive hit in 2011 called Ty a ja (You and I), I decided to write this single which almost instantly became quite big. The song placed first, several times, in some of Czech radios biggest and most prestigious T-music charts. Even till today, you can hear girls humming the song all around town.

Views: 2+ million
Music: Lyrics, music
Video: Script writing, directing, post-production

Radost Dětem (Joy of children)

This calendar had many purposes; working only with kids that were going through a fight with cancer, we wanted to listen to their dreams. My job was to build a (sub)reality in which they would become what their heart desired.

I wanted to use simple symbols in accordance to their concepts, and then connect them with the surrealism that occurred in their minds. The result was amazing and the children had a fantastic time! Also, the press conference from the calendar was published in all Czech newspapers as well as on national TV.

Media: Art director

What the cake - A box to go

Who doesn't want to make their life a bit sweeter?
My idea was to through out the old simple box layout and create something colorful, eye catching, as well as being adjustable in order to transform from a 4-cupcake box into one fitting 8 cupcakes.

Oh and by the way, doesn't the name 'Cupcake' imply that the cake is supposed to be placed in a real cup? Well, I thought so too, therefore I sketched up a version 2.0 of the classic cup holder.

Bring a spoon, i'll hook you up with the rest.

Media: Retouch, Box design

Já, mrcha - My first to be published book

Five years in the making, the story came to my mind one day feeding the beautiful water creatures with long necks called swans. I stared at them mesmerized while making the comparison that women sometimes also so beautiful, seeming so fragile, but yet being so cruel to take the biggest bite of bread. Unlike swans, who are only animals driven by pure instinct, we people had been given the gift of conscience and decision. We can decide whether to be good or bad. But sometimes life feels like turning into the same instinct the swans feel every second – a survival. This is only a first part of upcoming three book story to transform my main character, who came through the worst things ever, back into the person with conscience and choices.

Production: Story writing, book cover

Labyrint - Official Music Video

One of many songs in which I collaborated with a friend of mine. The lyrics tells us a story about how self-absorbed we can be in our own thoughts and achievements, that we forget what and who actually matters.

Views: 1+ million
Music: Vocals

Ty a já - Official Music Video

In 2011, I I worked on this song which to me seemed to be “just another Czech song” but which turned out to be something else. As you can see on the video, we didn’t put much thought into the story but more into the shooting itself. To our surprise, soon after the release people went crazy over it! it was played in every one of the biggest Czech radio- and TV stations and it became one of the biggest hits of all time. Apparently, a break up song was just what the people needed.

Views: 13+ million
Music: Vocals

Jediný co mám - Official Music Video

Soon after Ty a já, we decided to put our voices together once again and managed to create something more popish with bit more positive lyrics. The song talks about 'You being the only thing I've ever truly had'.

Views: 6+ million
Music: Vocals

Svět je náš - Official Music Video

I started working with an upcoming star in the Czech music industry, and during this time I made this song. The producer had a talent when it came to electronic music and my idea was to put together a beat that would celebrate the summer that one could smell in the air. Thus, we created a love-life-positive song full of colors. Besides music and lyrics, I also assisted in directing the video as well as the final cut. The lyrics were purposely written in Czech to easier speak to the Czech population. This song as well managed to hit the radios and TV.

Views: 140k+
Music: Lyrics, music, video
Video: Script writing, directing, post-production

Nejlepší - Official Music Video

This was written one intense night whilst sitting by my piano thinking about how we sometimes have to get through horrible obstacles – just to be able to believe in ourselves. “Nejlepší “literally means “The Best“ and I simply wanted the song to scream out: it does not matter where you came from, what others tell you, you can. The song quickly became very popular on Czech radios.

Views: 400k+
Music: Lyrics, music
Video: Script writing, directing, post-production

Za oponou (Behind the curtains)

This project was very dear to me since we once again had the chance to work for and with kids. Each of the pictures contain someone ‘big’ in Czech show business’– from the infamous Karel Gott to the director Menzel.

The project was a great experience for me. My task was to expose something personal, but in a funny way. The releasing event was enormous; it had a press conference and was written about in every big magazine and on the TV. The celebrities attended the event and people had a chance to bid on the pictures we created, donating the whole collected sum to one of Czech Republics orphanages.

Media: Art director

Lily - the perfume of women

A personal idea for a gift but that turned out to be a much bigger project. So big that I worked on it for a few months, trying to design the layout of a bottle to be simple but to have everything I wanted it to say, as well as the box for it, was a bigger challenge than expected. I personally picked the scents I wanted the perfume to have - light and flowery. It contains Magnolia and Lily.

Even though it has an elegant scent, it is also a bit seductive as it smells like the perfect woman that has no interested in You, but you simply can’t stop staring at her. Now that’s a perfume I’ll tell you.

Production: Art director

The lotus chandelier

I was always interested in interior design. My interest grew stronger and I suddenly had the idea to create a chandelier inspired by the Asian culture. The lotus flower is according to me one the most beloved symbols representing femininity, especially in the continent of Asia.

The design is sketched up in Illustrator hoping that one day I will be able to bring its light metal structures and golden petals to life.

Production: Design