Do you feel tired, confused, unloved, not beautiful, simply unhappy in this life?

I feel you. I have been there. But I have realized something that has CHANGED MY LIFE...

Let me introduce you to your Divine Self. Let's rewrite "your story" TODAY. ♥︎


This is me

When I was a kid I used to look up and think that there must be an order to all this. I did not know how to call it and how it worked but I could just feel the energies of the Universe swirling around each life I encountered, including mine.

Growing up, I was told many lies about my character - that I am ugly, I am not lovable, I am a loser and bad things that happened in my life were my fault. Till one day, after many years of living alone, after many heartbreaks, I thought about that initial thought again and I wondered if I can change my "story" because I simply had enough. I dedicated my life trying to prove to myself I can be whomever I want to be if I connect three forces: Light, Love, and Discipline. 

Today, I manifest happiness, love, success, travel trips, inside beauty, great relationships, and most of all - when I feel like I want to change something, I go back to the drawing board.

There is a Divine Order. When we realize we are the ones who wrote our stories, we can go back to rewrite them. 

The tools are various and this is how and with what I can help you to create the life of your dreams and understand who you are:


Meditation guidance  Manifesting 

 Spiritual Guidance   ASMR relaxation

Purposeful living   Self Love Techniques

Zatmění Slunce
Hvězdy v noci

Do you believe in the Divine


Many of us believe that there is more to this life. I suppose, by you coming here, you are one of them. Perhaps when you were a child, you used to believe in something supernatural, perhaps you still believe it now, or maybe this belief went away as you were growing up. Now, you might be confused. 

Can you change the course of your Destiny?

I believe so and I want to show you that if I could do it, you can do it.

Do you think this path is going to be hard? No, it is not. There are a few basic tools we can use in order to realign with our Divine Self so we can let it guide us. Spiritual advice, meditation, self-discovery. 

Those three things when aligned together make a person claim their power back. 

Let's do it together?

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